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VW Caddy Cargo


To use our expertise to deliver a very high level of installation to the new fleet


As standard the client required these vehicles road ready quickly


Reassuring the client that the vehicles would be ready when stated to enable distribution to the staff

Anyone within the sign or vehicle wrapping industry will know, producing for the iconic Dyno brand with the fluorescent vinyl is really not the easiest material to install.

After using an abundance of wrap shops both locally and nationally over a very long time, Dyno Plumb has never been quite 100% content with the quality of the end result. After a discussion regarding the branding of their vans with VW Van Centre, who were supplying ten brand new Caddy Cargos, they quickly referred Dyno Plumb to CubeWraps. Having carried out numerous wraps for VW clients and directly previously, they had no hesitation in pointing them in our direction.

Referral work is always a sign of the quality of finish and service that CubeWraps deliver.

After our consultation and Dyno Plumb appointing us to carry out their fleet branding, we arranged an action plan. The vans also had internal racking and ply lining installed by another firm, so we had to work hand in hand with them to ensure that collectively, the vans would be ready at the agreed timescale.

The installation took place over ten days, producing one completed vehicle wrap per day. The guys at Dyno were astounded by the flawless finishing and that the wrap was completely seamless. The level of quality, which they had never seen before, had them commenting, "The job is in a different league to anything we have had produced before."

It's been a pleasure to support the Dyno brand and deliver another recognised fleet finish to match its quality of service.

Dyno Plumbing
Dyno Plumbing