New Mini Electric


Create Promotional Vehicle Branding


Deliver a design on brand and eye-catching for this iconic vehicle


Consultation, creative design and installation

Everyone is familiar with the iconic vehicle brand, Mini. The British Motor Corporation (BMC) initially produced the Mini and its successors in 1959. The original Mini is widely considered a staple part of the 1960s British popular culture and is loved by many. Recently, a new electric version of the Mini was released. Park's Motor Group, a private family-owned business and one of Scotland's largest motor dealership groups, representing over 26 manufacturers, approached CubeWraps for a promotional solution in partnership with another well-known Brand, Tunnock's.

The idea was to wrap the new electric version of the Mini with another iconic brand, the Tunnock's Tea Cake.

The first challenge was assessing the vehicle shape and creating a design that would replicate the unique packaging. Our design team set to work, with their sights set on ensuring the finished wrap was eye-catching and accurate to the product.

We choose 3M's IJ180 Metallic Vinyl for the job, an excellent product for the job in hand that delivered a sustainable and incredible finish. Thanks to the ingenuity of our design team, we were able to replicate the creases on the tea cake wrapper by photographing scrunched up kitchen foil. With this and the help of some clever computer graphics, the car looked good enough to eat.

We topped her off by wrapping the wing mirrors as mini tea cakes also, deliver a truly authentic look to the whole vehicle.

As you can imagine and see from the completion images, the job required innovation, precision and expertise, the skills that CubeWraps customers have become accustomed to and value.