JR Scaffolding

20+ Fleet including Ford Rangers


Transform a fleet of vehicles to celebrate 25 years in business


Transform the fleet on a schedule to suit the client's workload


Worked with the client to provide an efficient service and worked around the workload needs of the client

JR Scaffold Services were about the celebrate their 25th year in business and decided to discuss wrapping their fleet with CubeWraps because they noticed our work on LinkedIn. From the minute they contacted Gary, they found the whole process was straightforward as Gary had an approachable attitude, and before we knew it, we were sitting looking at visuals of how their 20+ fleet would look.

The next stage was to start booking the vehicles, which they did to suit their workload, which they found extremely helpful.

They started the process with 8 Ford Rangers, and they told us that they were better than what they envisaged.

We kept in close contact with the client throughout the process, and occasionally, when their workload changed, we would re-scheduled vehicles for other dates.

This project was a significant investment for JR Scaffold Services to celebrate their 25th Anniversary with their re-branding, but they found it worth every penny.

JR Scaffolding
JR Scaffolding

From day one, Gary and I hit it off which always makes life a lot easier, and we at JR Scaffold Services will always be grateful to him and the team at CubeWraps for the part they played during our celebrations of 25 years in business.

JR Scaffolding Services